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Lexmark 20G0891 Reconditioned Envelope Feeder

Lexmark 20G0891 Reconditioned Envelope Feeder

The Lexmark 20G0891 is an 85-sheet envelope feeder, designed to eliminate time spent manually feeding in envelopes one by one.

Model No.:20G0891

Availability:In Stock

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All reconditioned printers do not include supplies - toners , drums (where applicable) , printer cables , manuals , consumables . Power cables are included.


Product Details





Lexmark delivers high powered solutions, services and supplies that meet and exceed the needs of customers ranging from even the smallest office to larger corporate enterprises. Lexmark's reputation boasts years of printing industry leadership, coupled with a close relationship with its customers. Lexmark is consistently developing high quality, easy to use business products while providing excellent service. This envelope feeder supports 85 envelopes (16 to 28 lb , 60 to 105 gsm bond) in 7¾, 9, 10, DL, C5 and B5 Sizes. Fits within height and width of the printer.

Compatible Products:

Lexmark T640dtn, Lexmark T644, Lexmark T644dtn, Lexmark T644n, Lexmark T644tn, Lexmark C 524dtn, Lexmark T 640, Lexmark T 640dn, Lexmark T 640dtn, Lexmark T 640n, Lexmark T 640tn, Lexmark T 642, Lexmark T 642dtn, Lexmark T 642n, Lexmark T 642tn, Lexmark T 644, Lexmark T 644dtn, Lexmark T 644n, Lexmark T 644tn, Lexmark X 642e MFP Page Plus Solution, Lexmark X 644e MFP, Lexmark X 644e MFP Page Plus Solution, Lexmark X 646dte MFP Page Plus Solution, Lexmark X 646e MFP, Lexmark X 646ef MFP, Lexmark X 646ef MFP Page Plus Solutions.

Compatible Printers:

  • Lexmark T640 (20G0100)

  • Lexmark T640 Reconditioned (88R2050)

  • Lexmark T640dn (20G0130)

  • Lexmark T640dtn (20G0500)

  • Lexmark T640n (20G0150)

  • Lexmark T640dtn Printer, Duplexer and Media Tray Bundle (20G0500-BN)

  • Lexmark T640n Reconditioned (88R2051)

  • Lexmark T640tn (20G0400)

  • Lexmark T642 (20G0200)

  • Lexmark T642 Reconditioned (88R2052)

  • Lexmark T642dn (20G2095)

  • Lexmark T642dtn (20G0530)

  • Lexmark T642n (20G0250)

  • Lexmark T642n Reconditioned (88R2053)

  • Lexmark T642tn (20G0430)

  • Lexmark T644 (20G0300)

  • Lexmark T644 Reconditioned (88R2054)

  • Lexmark T644dtn (20G0560)

  • Lexmark T644n (20G0350)

  • Lexmark T644n Reconditioned (88R2055)

  • Lexmark T644tn (20G0460)

  • Lexmark X642e MFP (22G0550)

  • Lexmark X644e MFP (22G0320)

  • Lexmark X646dte MFP (22G0530)

  • Lexmark X646dte MFP, Duplexer and Media Tray Bundle (22G0530-BUN)

  • Lexmark X646e MFP (22G0325)

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