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New Fax Machines

The main difference between various faxes is the way they print. A fax can print using thermal paper, thermal film, inkjet, on a laser printer or on a computer printer through a fax modem.
The most useful fax machine features to look out for are:
  1. The confirmation feature which shows the date and time of fax transmission and confirms the transmission was successful.
  2. Activity reports that can be set to print as desired - daily or weekly.
  3. Batch processing features which allow you to send one fax to several recipients at once, or to send multiple, separate faxes to the same recipient.

Why send a fax when you can email?!  

Convenient as internet document transmission is, computers and email accounts can be hacked, meaning your documents are not 100% secure. When you fax a document, however, there is no compromise on security. 


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